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Contribute to division/brand business and profitable growth, maximizing the integration of digital into our practices, hence identifying and enhancing business development opportunities. Ensure marketing, communication and commercial converge towards developing the consumer experience, satisfaction and loyalty fully utilizing digital.

Support Division/Brand teams as a digital consultant and a digital innovator/driver to contribute to achieving Division/Brand business goals mainly in the following areas via digital but not limited to:

・Drive the transformation of from a Top/Down marketing approach focusing on awareness, to an interactive & consumer centric model; focusing on customer satisfaction & value, bringing innovation and answering expectations of consumers more and more demanding, asking for fresh information, the ability to buy wherever, whenever and whatever they want
・Set the business case: identify, influence across the organization and convince on the opportunity and urgency for change
・Create, maintain and communicate guidelines for implementation; processes & tools, templates, partnerships…
・Define and implement the proper KPIs, coordinate the appropriate deployment: educate, pilot, measure, share best practices
・Lead performance monitoring of various digital activities, driving the sense of ROI and quantitative measurement
・Lead budget building with each brand’s digital team
・Ensure a strategic outlook among competition & other industries: trends, intelligence, experimentation
・Always investigate and discover new digital innovations & practices and share with related parties
・Support brand/division teams by coaching and offering necessary tools/knowledge in the following activities:
 -Content management : Develop creative, qualitative and appropriate content & features/ functionalities to support the brand’s or project’s ambition
 -Consumer touch points/media strategy : Plan & optimize media (all touch points) strategy & investments, ensuring cross-media efficiency, close tracking of results, actionable recommendations
 -Social media management: Create, develop, manage communities (consumers, bloggers, journalists, influencers, pharmacists or hairdressers if relevant…) and deploy a relevant social media strategy to support the brand’s / project‘s ambition
 -E-commerce management : build and pilot an innovative distant selling strategy : e-commerce, m-commerce, new categories, etc… ensuring the global consumer experience & cross canal consistency
 -Customer data, relationship and service management: deploy a strong customer knowledge and data management, and deploy a targeted contact & service strategy, appropriate relationship campaigns and tracking
 -Help the Information systems and technology enablement processes : Appropriate technologies, platforms


■CORE Skills & Experience:
・More than 5-year experience in Digital marketing strategy and execution, in a brand or in an agency/consultancy supporting brands in a long-term relationship
・Experience across multiple Digital channels and contents including search, social, email, display, video etc.
・Strong communication skill in Japanese and English with various parties, both spoken and written
・Experience in precision marketing plus
・Digital project management experiences plus
・Experience in digital system integration projects plus
・Experience working with IT teams in digital platforms plus
・Market research experiences plus
・Experience in the following tools plus: GA, Google Doubleclick, Sprinklr, Searchmetrix, SimilarWeb

・Strategic and innovative mindset
・Agility and flexibility in complex situation
・Quantitative ability, business acumen
・Highly collaborative personality
・Acts / leads with human sensitivity
・Demonstrates entrepreneurship
・Achieves results, with integrity
・Interacts effectively
・Displays sensitivity to our “métier”
・Luxury business fit and understanding